UNIX Serial Port Resources – ISDN, DSL, and Modem Information

This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
It has moved to SunHELP as of May 2005, and all further updates are done by Bill Bradford.

Modem Manufacturers, Winmodems & FAQs

Navas 28800-56K Modem FAQ
A superb FAQ about 28800bps modems, their programming and performance, along
with news about the major modem manufacturers. Mainly geared to Microsoft
users, but still useful for us Unix folk.

3Com U.S. Robotics
Maker of the Courier and Sportster modems. Their support site has all their
modem manuals.

Digi International
Bought ITK which bought Telebit Corporation, maker of the Worldblazer and Netblazer modems. But, Digi claims they don’t sell Telebits. Hmm, does anyone
still make these modems, or has this era ended?

Lots of good information about their modems.

Winmodems & Linux:

Will help you determine your modem’s chipset, then point you to the Linux drivers to your Winmodem. News, discussion boards and more.

LTModem Drivers for Linux
Provides Linux driver sources, binaries and documentation for Winmodems with
Lucent Apollo (ISA) and Mars (PCI) chipsets. Widely used by Linux folk

Of Modems and Winmodems
A great How-To on getting your modem/winmodem working under Linux.

Linux VooDoo Modems
The Winmodem Mini-FAQ, LinModem drivers (Linux drivers for Winmodems), Linux
Modem How-To and more. More Linux Winmodem source and discussions are
available at Linmodems.org.

Modem Register Settings

USR Courier V.34 settings for SunOS 4.1.3+ and Solaris 2.x

Telebit Worldblazer settings for SunOS 4.1.3+ and Solaris 2.x

Hayes Accura 144 + FAX Modem Settings

SupraFAX 28800 Modem Settings

USR V.Everything Modem Settings

Viva 14400 FAX Modem Settings for Solaris 2.x

Zoom modems register settings and Unix usage information from Zoom Telephonics.


Dan Kegel’s ISDN Page
An excellent resource on ISDN.

Setting up Sun ISDN with PPP dial-on-demand with Solaris 2.5.1
By Martin Hargreaves. (Hargreaves’ title for this document is "Connecting to Demon Internet using SUN’s ISDN"


comp.dcom.xdsl FAQ
An excellent introduction to xDSL, maintained by John Kristoff.

Navas Cable Modem/DSL Tuning Guide
Very useful information. Mostly for Microsoft and Apple, but some Unix.