Telebit WorldBlazer Settings

These are register settings of the Telebit WorldBlazer modem that I have found useful for a dial-out-only modem setup on Solaris 2.x and SunOS 4.1.3+.

This is the setup I often use for this modem in fixed-DTE speed (Sun-to-modem) dial-out-only applications.

WorldBlazer - SA - Version LA5.01 - Active Configuration
 B1  E1  L1  M0  Q2  T   V0  X0  Y0
&C1 &D3 &G0 &J0 &L0 &Q0 &R3 &S4 &T4 &X0
S000=0   S001=0   S002=43  S003=13  S004=10  S005=8   S006=2   S007:90
S008=2   S009=6   S010=14  S011=70  S012:255 S018=0   S025=5   S026=1
S038=0   S041:1   S045=0   S046=0   S047=4   S048=0   S050=0   S051:253
S056=17  S057=19  S058:2   S059:15  S060=0   S061:0   S062=15  S063=0
S064:1   S068=255 S069=0   S090=0   S092:1   S093=8   S094=1   S100=0
S104=0   S105=1   S111:30  S112=1   S151=4   S155=0   S180=2   S181=1
S183=25  S190=1   S191:6   S253=10  S254=1   S255=255