Ask The Experts: Using an AJAX Text Completion Component in Java Studio Creator 2

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 28, 2005

Ask the Experts: Using an AJAX Text Completion Component in Java Studio Creator 2

Software architects Sandip Chitale and Tor Norbye will be on hand Dec. 5 through Dec. 9 to answer your questions on how to use the Sun Java Studio Creator 2 (Early Access) IDE to build a web page that contains AJAX technology.

Sun backs PostgreSQL

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 17, 2005

According to this NEWS.COM article, Sun will be integrating the PostgreSQL database into future releases of the Solaris operating system, as well as offering commercial support for it to business customers.

Sun engineers will also be participating in the PostgreSQL community and contributing improvements to the open-source project.

OpenSolaris “Nevada” Build 27 w/ZFS Now Available

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 16, 2005

OpenSolaris “Nevada” Build 27 is now available and includes the long-awaited ZFS functionality.
Sun’s Dan Price has a good writeup on using ZFS and Zones together.

Sun Studio 11 now available for free

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 15, 2005

Sun has made Sun Studio 11 suite of development tools (C, C++, and Fortran compilers) available as a free download with no license restrictions or limits on use.

Sun offering Java development tools for free

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 14, 2005

Sun is now giving away Java Studio Creator and Java Studio Enterprise 8 to developers free of charge.

Niagra chip to be called “UltraSPARC T1”

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 14, 2005

Sun’s first “Niagra” multi-core chips will ship under the “UltraSPARC T1” name and start at 1.2Ghz with power consumption of only 70 watts per chip.

New OpenSolaris distribution: Nextenta

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 8, 2005

Nextenta is a complete GNU-based open source operating system built on top of the OpenSolaris kernel and runtime. Debian software distribution/packaging mechanisms are used to glue the bits together, although Nexenta is not part of the Debian Project.

Nexenta is currently available for 32 and 64-bit x86/x64 platforms.

OpenSolaris Build 26 Released

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Nov 6, 2005

OpenSolaris B26 is now avalible for download. As you’ll note in our ZFS story, ZFS was integrated into Nevada B27, so you’ll have to wait a little longer to get the code to ZFS. One of the most welcome additions coming with this release is history tracking via the OpenSolaris Source Browser. Learn more about this feature in Alan Hargreaves’ weblog.
The B26 code can be downloaded direct from or via the Genunix Community Mirror.

ZFS Integrated Into Solaris

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Nov 3, 2005

Jeff Bonwick has reported that ZFS has been integrated into the Solaris codebase. Included in his blog entry about the commit is a line that will find its place in the history books reguarding ZFS: “584 files, 92,000 lines of change, 56 patents, 5 years… and there it is. Just like that.”

This commit puts ZFS into Nevada Build 27 (see the build schedule) which closes on Nov 7th which means that we’ll likely be seeing ZFS in Solaris Express and OpenSolaris code releases the week following the 7th. If you don’t have a storage array, now might be a good time to find one for ZFS testing.

Congratulations to the ZFS from all of us here at SunHelp.