ZFS Integrated Into Solaris

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Nov 3, 2005

Jeff Bonwick has reported that ZFS has been integrated into the Solaris codebase. Included in his blog entry about the commit is a line that will find its place in the history books reguarding ZFS: “584 files, 92,000 lines of change, 56 patents, 5 years… and there it is. Just like that.”

This commit puts ZFS into Nevada Build 27 (see the build schedule) which closes on Nov 7th which means that we’ll likely be seeing ZFS in Solaris Express and OpenSolaris code releases the week following the 7th. If you don’t have a storage array, now might be a good time to find one for ZFS testing.

Congratulations to the ZFS from all of us here at SunHelp.

One response to “ZFS Integrated Into Solaris”

  1. Does anyone have a link to some ZFS documentation ?
    How it is working exactly ?