UNIX Sysadmin Resources

This list of resources was created by Stokely Consulting, and moved to SunHELP in May 2005.
Please send updates, corrections, or additions to Bill Bradford.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Patches, & Other Information:
FAQs, info, mailing lists, searches, documentation, vendors…

FAQs A-M: AIX | Batch, Queueing & Scheduling | BSDi | CD-R | Coffee & Caffeine | DEC | DHCP & DDNS | FTP Servers & Clients | FrameMaker | Free Unix Versions | HP-UX | Linux | Majordomo

FAQs N-R: Network Cabling | Network News & Usenet | Network Time Protocol (NTP) | PC & Mac NFS, AppleShare, Unix Integration

FAQs S: Samba | SCO | SCSI | SGI | SNMP | Sybase | SysAdm Books

FAQs Sun Microsystems: Disabling BREAK on Sun console serial ports | Sun FAQs | Software for Suns & Solaris x86 | Sun Pictures, Illustrations & Visio Shapes | Solaris x86 specific info | Sparc Laptops | Performance Tuning, Security & Process Mgmt | Solaris Patch Management | Sun Keyboards | Using non-Sun monitors | Other Sun/SPARC info, sites, and tools

FAQs T-Z: TCP/IP & Ethernet, Cable Modems | Tru64 | Unix | Unix Shells | vi & friends | X11/Motif | Other FAQs

Automated System Management Products
Info, commercial, public-domain & free tools to automate Unix administration

Backup & Archival Software
Commercial vendors, information, free/public domain backup systems

Vendors of all sorts of cables for Unix computers

Disk & Tape Information
FAQs, specifications, tools, RAID/Disk/SAN vendors, enclosures, Zip, JAZ, Syquest, disaster recovery, secure file deletion

DNS & Other Naming / Directory Services
Info and tools for DNS/BIND, DJBDNS, NIS, & LDAP

Electronic Mail
Mail transfer agents, Spam and virus blockers, servers, webmail, FAQs, courses, software, tips and tricks

Firewalls & Unix Security
Info, FAQs, CERT, mailing list search, SSH, products, vendors

Hardware/Software Support Providers for Unix Systems
3rd-party hardware and software support companies

Mailing Lists for Unix System Administration
Mailing lists for Unix system administration questions, by vendor/product

Printing & Plotting
Ghostscript, software, printcaps, SPARCPrinter error codes and how-tos, free and commercial data plotting software

Problem Tracking & Project Management Tools for Unix
Free and commercial tools, information

Searching the Internet
Gateway to anonymous ftp sites & search engines

Shareware, Free & Public-Domain Software
GNU tools, lots of tools and utilities

Source Code Version Control / Software Configuration Management & Unix
Free, public-domain, shareware, GPL, and commercial products

Training Courses & Certification for Unix SysAdmins
Online/classroom/free/commercial Unix System Administration courses and certification

Unix Portals & Technical Bookstores, Magazines, & User Groups
Resources to keep a Unix Sysadm up-to-date

UPS & Power Conditioning
Uninterruptable Power System vendors, tools, and information for Unix machines

VARs & Resellers of Unix Products
Good places to buy Unix software & hardware products

X Terminals, Thin Clients & Network Computers
Manufacturers of X11 hardware and software