Oracle renames all Sun x86 Server Products

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jul 16, 2012

Sun is renaming its x86-based server products to get rid of the “Fire” moniker.
Systems will be known as “Sun Server”, “Netra Server”, or “Sun Blade”.
You can see a table here.

4 responses to “Oracle renames all Sun x86 Server Products”

  1. Notification date for declaring EOL for the following products
    (a) Sun Fire V890 server
    (b) Sun U40 M2 work station

  2. Notification Date for declaring EOL for Sun Fire V890 Server and U40 M2 Workstation

  3. Changes also Apply to Netra Carrier Grade Servers?
    Hong Stackpole

  4. Steve says:

    Thanks that’s cleared my confusion

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