A Year After: People and Projects

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jan 19, 2011

I thought it would be fitting to have SunHELP’s first post of the new year (and the new server, now that everything has settled in and appears to be working nicely) be a link to Eduardo Pelegri-Llopart’s personal blog. Eduardo was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun.

He has a couple of great posts up about the results of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun, a year later.

A Year After: The People

It’s been (almost) a year since Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun. Some of the ex-Sun folks stayed at Oracle but others moved to other companies, small and large, public, private or still in stealth mode. This Diaspora will contribute talent, expertise and experience to many companies, and, I hope, also some of the culture at Sun that I’ve enjoyed for so many years. Below is a list of companies where some of my ex-Sun friends have gone. I’ve listed explicitly the people that left Sun/Oracle after January 2010, but I’ve also included a few other ex-Sun folks that are in the company – as you can see, Sunnites like to work together

A Year After: The Open-Source Projects

Below is a summary of the status of the main Open Source projects that had been sponsored by Sun, as of a year after Oracle’s Acquisition of Sun. Like A Year After: The People, all information here is public.

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