may be moving – I need your help!

Posted by Bill Bradford on Oct 27, 2010

Got a call from my ISP this morning; a special deal I’d been getting for colocation of my server for the past ten years is going away at the end of November. Unless I can come up with approximately $160/month after that (for 1RU, one Ethernet drop, one static IP, 1megabit sustained bandwidth usage), I will have to find a new home for the machine. This will affect this site and all of the other mailing lists and services I run on the machine.

The system is currently located in Austin, TX, and I’m in Houston. If I move it, I would prefer moving it to somewhere in Houston, but the system has a serial console and I can pretty much do all management from anywhere.

Suggestions of colo providers (especially in Houston) will be GREATLY appreciated. Please contact

UPDATE: Situation not so dire, see the next post.

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