Purchasing a Solaris 10 License

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jul 13, 2010

A member of the SunHELP Rescue list details in this mailing list post his attempts to purchase a license for Solaris 10 from Oracle.

If you want to purchase a Solaris 10 license (which is NOT the same as a Support Contract), all you have to do is buy a Solaris 10 “Media Pack”.

“The Solaris 10 license is bundled into the media pack (it is on a component CD). Therefore, this license comes free with the media pack purchase. While the agreement text is a little confusing, the moment you receive the media pack and open it, you will no longer be operating under trial terms.”

One response to “Purchasing a Solaris 10 License”

  1. Oracle Rep says:

    Oracle Solaris is available with a free development and evaluation license. Production deployment requires a commercial license which comes bundled for free with the purchase of Oracle Sun HW, or you can purchase the new Oracle Premier Solaris Subscription for non-Oracle HW which comes with a license and support.

    The media pack only includes the development and evaluational use license.