Server Upgrade Soon

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 17, 2009

I posted a modified version of this post to the SunHELP, Geeks, and Rescue mailing lists a few days ago.

A status update on the machine that hosts all these lists, SunHELP, an IRC server, and lots of folks’ DNS, email handling, shell accounts, and web sites (all for free):

The long-delayed upgrade of from an E420R (quad 450s, 4G RAM, dual 18G hard drives) to a T1000 (8 cores, 32 threads, 8G RAM) will finally happen in the next 30-60 days. I’ll be going to S10u6 with ZFS root of course.

Users of the system and members of the mailing lists have contributed financially, and I’ll be upgrading the factory 80G drive in the T1000 to a Western Digital RE3 “Raid Edition” 1-terabyte drive. In addition, a WD “Caviar Green” WD10EADS drive will be going into my rsnapshot server at home to back up the system remotely. I’d prefer to have mirrored drives in the T1K, but that’s not possible given that it only has space for a single 3.5″ drive – the second drive would have to be in a reliable rackmount eSATA enclosure.

If you have gotten use and enjoyment out of the sites, lists, and services I provide (12 years and counting so far!) and would like to contribute to the upgrade fund, email and please let me know.

There will be a few hours of downtime over a weekend sometime in the next couple of months. I’ll provide plenty of warning for the outage.

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