VirtualBox 2.1 Released

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 17, 2008

Sun xVM VirtualBox version 2.1 has been released, with a good number of enhancements and bugfixes.

Major enhancements include:

* Support for hardware virtualization (VT-x and AMD-V) on Mac OS X hosts
* Support for 64-bit guests on 32-bit host operating systems
* Added support for Intel Nehalem virtualization enhancements
* Experimental 3D acceleration via OpenGL
* Experimental LsiLogic and BusLogic SCSI controllers
* Full VMDK/VHD support including snapshots
* New NAT engine with significantly better performance, reliability and ICMP echo (ping) support
* New Host Interface Networking implementations for Windows and Linux hosts with easier setup (replaces TUN/TAP on Linux and manual bridging on Windows)

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