Happy Holidays from SunHELP

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 24, 2007

I just wanted to wish everyone Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year from SunHELP!

2007 was my tenth year of running the site (it started out as sunhelp.com in 1997). In those ten years, I’ve had a lot of fun and been able to help a lot of people with Sun-related hardware and software issues, questions, and so forth. I look forward to many more years to come.

As always, SunHELP is a hobby that I run in my spare time; I don’t make a profit from the site (other than trading ad space for hardware and books). If my efforts this year have been helpful, please consider purchasing something from my Wish List in return, or just let me know via email. Nothing makes my day more than having someone tell me that they were able to solve a problem via information that they found here.

As for site news, a firmware bug that kept me from migrating everything to the new T1000 server has been resolved according to one of my technical contacts at Sun. As soon as the 6.5 firmware for the system is released I will be able to finally move everything over (after having it serve as the “hot backup” server for more than a year), make the T1K the “production” box, and retire the E420R running everything right now.

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