“Project Indiana” to bring Linux-like functionality to Solaris

Posted by Bill Bradford on May 9, 2007

This NEWS.COM article gives some background on Sun’s “Project Indiana”, an effort led by Ian Murdock, Sun’s new Chief Operating Systems Officer and founder of the Debian distribution of Linux. The goal of the project is to add Linux-like features to Solaris in order to aid user transition and interoperability.

One response to ““Project Indiana” to bring Linux-like functionality to Solaris”

  1. Michael Mounteney says:

    Sun might look at Gentoo (http://www.gentoo.org). This is known as a `build your own’ Linux meta-distribution, but you could decide to build it with an OpenSolaris kernel instead, with appropriate support libraries of course. Gentoo can already be built with a BSD kernel instead of Linux; see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gentoo/FreeBSD.

    Does anyone know how to submit this suggestion to Sun ? or do they read these pages ?