Sun Announces New Networking Gear

Posted by Mike on Apr 26, 2007

Sun introduces new hardware targeting cable operators (especially video streaming) and telecommunication providers. Andy Bechtolsheim designed the new x4950 Streaming Switch, with specifications located here. Sun’s press release for the new hardware is here along with an article from CNET News.

    The Sun Streaming System offers:

      * 160,000 simultaneous 2Mbps streams per switch
      * Up to 640Gbps of total streaming capacity
      * Up to 768 TB of 300,000+ hours of Storage
      * Open Industry Standards based API for ease of integration
      * Simplified Management with Single Point of Control
    There are four main components to the Sun Streaming System:

      * The Sun Fire X4950 Streaming Switch.
      * The Sun Fire X4500 server.
      * The Sun Fire X4100 server.
      * Sun Streaming Software.

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