Sun releases STK 2500 “Low Cost Array”

Posted by Bill Bradford on Apr 17, 2007

Sun has released the StorageTek 2500 LCA series of “Low Cost Array” storage systems.

The arrays offer direct SAS or FC host connections, with capacities from 292G to 5.2TB using dual-ported SAS disks.

(Edit: The original version of this blurb stated that iSCSI functionality was available; apparently it is planned for a future model and not offered in the current array models. Thanks to Russell for the correction)

One response to “Sun releases STK 2500 “Low Cost Array””

  1. anotherStorageGuy says:

    Well, that’s a summary from Sun’s web site alright… But upon further investigation, turns out Sun is a bit misleading in claiming iSCSI support. Seems there will be an iSCSI model released sometime in the future, but there is currently no model of the 2500 that supports iSCSI. Not surprising since these systems (like IBM’s DS3000 series) are based upon the LSI 1932 (FC) and 1333 (SAS) products. Since LSI doesn’t yet support iSCSI, it would have been surprising if Sun did.