Sun-optimized Apache/MySQL/PHP for Solaris 10

Posted by Bill Bradford on Feb 13, 2007

Sun now offers an optimized AMP (Apache, MySQL, and PHP) “stack” of software for Solaris 10.

Tim Bray offers more details:

“I think the essential thing is that Sun is going to try to be a first-rate supplier of all the important pieces of open-source Web-facing software. The job isn’t finished yet, until all of Apache and MySQL and PostgreSQL and PHP and Python and and Ruby and Rails are in the package, all optimized for Solaris, all stuffed with DTrace probes, and all with developer and production support available. It won’t be long.”

One response to “Sun-optimized Apache/MySQL/PHP for Solaris 10”

  1. Josh Meyer says:

    I wonder why they didn’t use the most recent version of MySQL.