Sun Fire T1000 Update

Posted by Bill Bradford on Oct 7, 2006

Just an update – the Sun Fire T1000 server (so graciously donated by Sun) has finally gotten an OS installed (Solaris 10 6/06) and firmware updated, and will be shipping to the colocation provider in Austin next week. Once it arrives and gets racked and connected, comparison benchmarks will start.

This would have happened a couple of months ago, if not for “real life” (my day job and obligations thereof) getting in the way.

I’m looking forward to starting the benchmark and comparison process, and welcome any suggestions for workloads or processes you’d like to see tested on the system.

On a side note, the latest revision (6.2.4) of the T1000 firmware adds SSH capability to the network-connected Advanced Lights-Out Manager, while the version that originally came on the system only supported telnet.

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