Solaris on Itanium (sort of)

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 27, 2006

The Register has an article about Solaris/SPARC binaries running on Itanium-based systems from Fujitsu using software from Transitive, who have a press release up as well:

“The demonstration runs on an eight-way Hitachi BladeSymphony platform with a Dual-Core Intel Itanium Series 9000 processor, with QuickTransit virtualization technology enabling unmodified Solaris/SPARC binaries to run alongside native Linux applications.”

Transitive’s “QuickTransit” product is also the basis for Apple’s “Rosetta” PowerPC G4 translation software for Intel-based Macintosh systems.

One response to “Solaris on Itanium (sort of)”

  1. Aki Niimura says:

    I’m very interested in this story.
    Is the dynamic translation to be such good?

    I love to know a response from Sun about this story.
    I think Sun should counter the story unless it admits that today’s x86 based CPUs can beat the exiting SPARC CPUs even with translation penalties.