Solaris 10 Update 2 (6/06) Released

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 26, 2006

Solaris 10 Update 2 (6/06) has been released. The What’s New In the Solaris 10 6/06 Release document lists some new features (thanks to Ben Rockwood for the condensed list):

The Solaris ZFS File System
Predictive Self-Healing for x64 Systems
Predictive Self-Healing Support for SNMP Notification
Common Agent Container (for JMX and JDMK
iSCSI Multiple session target (MS/T) support
The logadm Utility
Volfs now SMF’ized
IPv6 for IPFilter
UDP and TCP Performance Enhancement
SSL Proxy Module
AES Counter Mode
PKCS #11 v2.20 Support in the Solaris Cryptographic Framework
Kerberos Cred Auto-Renew
iSNS Client Support for iSCSI
cdrecord, readCD, and cdda2wav Available
x86: PCI Express Support on x86 Systems
Solaris support for LSISAS1064 RAID Operations
x86: Xorg X Server Version 6.9
x86: SATA HBA Framework Support
rge Driver (Realtek)
x86: Driver Support for AMD64 Platform (glm)
x86: AGPgart Driver for x86 Systems
Chelsio NIC Driver Support (10Gb Ethernet)
HBA Drivers (QLogic and Emulex)
32-bit: RealPlayer for the Solaris OS
PostgreSQL for the Solaris OS

This is also the release that will be running on the Sun Fire T1000 that has been so graciously donated by Sun for SunHELP. I’ll be jumpstarting the new OS onto the system this week and shipping it to the colocation center in Austin soon, and starting benchmark testing shortly after it arrives and is installed.

One response to “Solaris 10 Update 2 (6/06) Released”

  1. Joseph Kotran says:

    D’oh! As fate would have it I just upgraded the primary server at work from Solaris_9 9/05 to Solaris 10 1/06. Oh well. I look forward to upgrading my home NFS server from RedHat-4.3 this weekend. I cannot wait to work with ZFS. It seems be to very elegant (from an admin. point of view) and I am hoping for overall throughput improvements by switching to Solaris.