The Sun’s not Shining at Joyent

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 20, 2006

Jason Hoffman at Joyent has a great writeup about his attempt to purchase massive quantities of servers from Dell, HP, and Sun.

The end result? He has Dell systems installed, due to Sun’s inability to simply sell him systems or even return phone calls. In one case, it was suggested that he order $220K worth of systems through the web site!

This is a good example of how Sun needs to cut the baggage out of their sales process and make it easier for someone to call up, talk directly to a sales person who has the power to work with pricing, and place an order.

Dell does this, why can’t Sun?

One response to “The Sun’s not Shining at Joyent”

  1. cosmos says:

    We had an executive decision to ditch sun and go with “open source” because it was cheaper and far superior…

    They ended up going with dells as well. I cannot even keep track of how many of those poweredge servers arrive doa,
    die in short periods of time, have flaky intermittent issues, etc etc. Every vendor of everything has some bad hardware but
    this is certainly taking the cake.

    I wont even comment on the tech engineers who may have been stunt doubles for Bill and Ted during their excellent