Sun “Type 7” USB keyboard and optical mouse now available

Posted by Bill Bradford on Feb 1, 2006

Sun now has the Type 7 USB keyboard (in UNIX or PC layouts) and optical USB mouse available. The keyboard features a built-in USB hub.

The country kits with PC-style keyboard (X3731A) and UNIX-style keyboard (X3738A) are $50 each at the online Sun Store. I’ve ordered one and will post a review once it arrives.

4 responses to “Sun “Type 7” USB keyboard and optical mouse now available”

  1. unixmuseum says:

    I looked up on Sunstore and it is unclear if this is a country kit or not…
    The P/N returns “Sun Type 7 keyboard”, i.e. no mention of the mouse or anything…

    I’m kind of concerned that a Type 6 kit is $75 and Type 7 is only $50, what are we losing with a Type 7?

  2. I got mine in today. The $50 is for the entire country kit (keyboard, mouse, and two power cords).

  3. Bob says:

    Hey whats the verdict on the type 7 keyboard?

  4. I’ve been using it for a week or so on the Mac here at work. It’s better than a Type 6, but still “firm mushy” and not as good as the old Type 5. The optical mouse is great, though.