O’Reilly podcast about Wiretapping

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jan 30, 2006

O’Reilly’s “Distributing the Future” podcast features information about the recent governmental wiretapping controversy.

Wiretapping doesn’t require someone lurking in the bushes with a directional antenna and headphones, or a pair of aligator clips and a tape recorder, or someone sneaking into your room while you’re out to place a transmitter on your phone. In the U.S., if it’s the government doing the wiretapping, it’s technically simple.

At the O’Reilly Emerging Telephony Conference Jack Herrington, author of “Podcasting Hacks” interviewed Electronic Frontier Foundation Chairman of the Board Brad Templeton about the technical, social, and political aspects of wiretapping. At the end there’s a nice juicy hint about upcoming action from the EFF with regards to the recent NSA wiretapping case.

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