Sun’s controversial ad campaign

Posted by Bill Bradford on Sep 13, 2005

In addition to flying a banner over Dell’s headquarters (picture from here), Sun has even had a few ads for the new Galaxy servers rejected for publication in the Wall Street Journal.

One response to “Sun’s controversial ad campaign”

  1. Luke says:

    Sun is really acting like a bunch of bitchy little kids. This will only hurt them in the long run. Maybe if they put more effort in technology instead of OEM’ing all their products from AMD Dell wouldn’t be such a threat. As a shareholder this really makes me worry about the stability of Sun. They’re breaking the most important rule in business, don’t put down the competition. I have this image of their marketing dept run by a bunch of monkies swinging around the cubes, making copies of their asses and picking up phones wondering what they’re for. McNealy has sunk to an all time low.