Solaris Express 8/2005 Released

Posted by Bill Bradford on Aug 23, 2005

Solaris Express 8/2005 is now available.

Sun’s Dan Price posted a summary to his weblog:

Notable New Features in Solaris “Nevada”, Build 19 (08/2005)

* The dcam1394(7D) driver is now available on all platforms (formerly it was SPARC only); it implements a subset of the 1394 Trade Association Digital Camera Specification. A sample program which uses a camera will be available in a future build.
* An important improvement to USB support on Solaris has arrived– automatic handling of unknown USB devices by libUSB and the kernel’s USB infrastructure. This means that without any additional configuration, you should be able to plug in a device such as a digital camera, and have gphoto recognize it. In contrast, you previously needed to do manual configuration. [6213551]
* The USB CCID IFD Handler was integrated. This is a userland driver (from the MUSCLE project) for USB CCID-compliant smartcard readers. You can now use a wide variety of USB smartcard readers with Solaris.
* glxinfo & glxgears were added as a followup part of the MESA integration.
* ATI Xorg drivers were updated to June 2005 version
* The i810 driver was updated for i945G & E7221 support. But please note that there were some problems with this integration and the Xorg i810 driver now refuses to load. Intel graphics users may need to switch back to Xsun or copy the from an older build. [6301351]

* pam.conf(4) picks up a very useful include control flag which should help break up a complex pam configuration into separate files. [6258443]
* Scalability when a large number (thousands) of IPsec policy rules are in place has been substantially improved. [6227733]
* Kerberos’s graphical key management tool gkadmin(1m) picks up the ability to specify the key encryption type.

Hardware Support
* Improved tolerance for USB 2.0 controllers on some VIA chipsets. [6213463]
* Support for Dell PERC 3/Si RAID was added.
* Support for the Dell Precision 670’s SCSI card (Adaptec AIC-7901A with HostRAID) was added.
* MPxIO (I/O multipathing) support for a number of devices from Engenio, SGI, StorageTek and Sun was added.
* The lsimega(7D) driver from LSI was added, providing support for LSI’s new generation of 320-2x RAID cards. Older LSI cards are already supported via the amr(7D) driver.

* find picks up the -mmin (modified n minutes ago), -amin (accessed n minutes ago) and -cmin (status changed n minutes ago) options. [5077247]

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