Historical UNIX Ads and Articles

Posted by Bill Bradford on Apr 26, 2005

I’ve come into possession of a number of copies of UnixWorld magazine, circa 1992-1996. I’ve started scanning interesting ads and articles and am putting them online for historical purposes. So far, the most interesting ad I’ve run across is one from 1993 for Sun’s INTERACTIVE Unix, the SVR3 port for i386 that was marketed before Solaris x86.

I’m interested in acquiring any other UNIX-related magazines and advertisements from the early 80s to the mid-90s; if you’ve got something of historical interest please don’t throw it away, contact me instead.

One response to “Historical UNIX Ads and Articles”

  1. Ben Rockwood says:

    Very kool! I think I’ve got some old UNIX Review copies around here, I should do that same. I especially liked the old SGI Indy ads in Wired Mag back when it first started up.