“Galaxy” Server Details Leaked

Posted by Bill Bradford on Apr 11, 2005

This Register article has details on Sun’s upcoming code-named-“Galaxy” servers based on AMD’s dual-core Opteron processor.

The lowest-end system will be the 1U box that supports up to 16GB of memory, 2 PCI-X slots and 2 hard disks. A larger 2U box will hold two-processors, 16GB of memory, 5 PCI-X slots and 4 disks. On the 4U front, Sun looks set to ship a four-processor box that supports up to 32GB of memory, 6 PCI-E slots and 4 disks. The big daddy system will support up to 64GB of memory, 8 PCI-E slots and 4 disks. All of the boxes will hold AMD’s soon to be released dual-core Opteron chip.

These machines will be Sun’s first in-house Opteron designs, done by a team led by Andy Bechtolsheim, one of the cofounders of Sun and designer of the Sun-1 and SPARCstation 1 computer systems.

2 responses to ““Galaxy” Server Details Leaked”

  1. Paul says:

    Kinda funny how codenames are reused…
    The 600MP series was also called Galaxy….

  2. Mike Spooner says:

    I noticed that too… Sun has a distressing habit of reusing
    codenames and sometimes actual product-names too, and of renaming
    products during their shipping lifetime.

    Personally, I would prefer to get my hands on a “Galaxy”
    (SPARCserver-600) system-board, rather than one of the
    new Opteron-based “galaxy” systems… 🙂