Solaris Express 2/05

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Feb 28, 2005

Solaris Express 2/05 (snv_07) has been released to the world. Additions mentioned on the Express site include: Intelligent Platform Management Interface, Webmin, Apache Version 2, Solaris x86 64-bit Support, and Solaris x86 Kernel Selection (!!!). Earlier, in the blog of the one and only Alan Hargreaves he summorized some of the new features which he lists as: Support for iSCSI Devices (software initiator), Fibre Channel HBA Port Utility (32-bit x86 only), Metaslot in the Cryptographic Framework, IKE Enhancements, X.Org Release 6.8.2, and addition of the Chelsio 10G Ethernet Driver. Download it in the usual place.

2 responses to “Solaris Express 2/05”

  1. Dan Price says:

    Some of these aren’t exactly “new”- IPMI, Webmin, Apache2, 64-bit x86, are not new– they were in S10, and so are not distinctly new in SNV 02/05. I’m not sure why they are mentioned… oh well. I have a pretty detailed summary in my blog which expands on what Alan mentions.

  2. Who says:

    What the hell are “Solaris Express” , “Solaris Software Express” ? Are they OSes or
    they are any software sollections ? If they are Operating Systems why didn’t they name it Solaris
    or at least give an explanation , please !