Solaris10 Beta7 (B69) Finally Avalible!

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Nov 1, 2004

It’s about time! Solaris10 Beta7, Build 69 is avalible for download. If everything goes according to schedule this will be the final Express release before the release of Solaris 10. The changes in his release are too widespread to report here, but some of the highlights are the switch to the Xorg X Server (for Solaris x86), inclusion of the service manager!, IPP updates, Firewire support and updates, several additions to system utilities to become Zones aware, new ptools, enhanced SVM functionality, and the inclusion of the Java Desktop System release 3. This is a massive release. Fire up Live Upgrade or pull out a spare X86 and start playing. Numberous X86 enhancements have been made, so machines that might have had trouble running Solaris/X86 in the past are worth another try! Read the Whats New Documentation here.

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