Hereafter called simply “The Book”.

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Sep 1, 2004

Rich Teer has slaved for 3.5 years to deliever the ultimate guide, which hit book stores today: Solaris Systems Programming.

This book is closely modeled after the legendary texts of Stevens, but is Solaris centric. Weighing in at a whopping 1,248 pages it is complete and doesn’t have those “this was probly useful in 1978” dusty corners that other texts suffer from. This book includes everything you’d expect and a whole lot more. Best of all for all of us who aren’t experts (isn’t that the point?), all the code examples are complete!

This book is just in time for DTrace and all those juicy new Truss improvements. A big hand to Sun Press, 3 essential guides everyone should now have include “Solaris Systems Programming”, “Solaris Internals”, and the much overlooked “Solaris Boot Camp”. Now back to work.

2 responses to “Hereafter called simply “The Book”.”

  1. Mike Spooner says:

    I knew Rich had been busy, but wasn’t expecting this.

    Well done! “Solaris Systems Programming” will be a fine companion to my copy of POSIX 1003.1 šŸ™‚