Solaris10 Beta5 Any Minute Now

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Jul 14, 2004

Solaris 10 Beta 5 is due out today. True to form the docs have been up for a couple days. First and foremost, ZFS and the Service Manager still aren’t in for those of you waiting. For the rest of us, we get some awsome Zones updates, namely an answered request for zoneadm CLI history, disk-based file system support added was to zonecfg, zones extensions have been added to ps, and a massive amount of work has been done on zones resource management. Also added is new locales, Java support for Pstack, and the new functions ddi_strtol(9F) and ddi_strtoul(9F) for string conversion to longs (str to l) and unsigned longs (str to ul). Other goodies and improvements went in as well, so prime your ABEs and get ready for the ISOs hopefully some time in the next couple hours.

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