Sun axes “Blueprints” project

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 30, 2004

It looks like Sun has laid off most of its “BluePrints” team:

“It looks like the Sun BluePrint program has succumbed to the budget cuts. Many of the authors have been working under the organization Reference Architecture Engineering and have been RIFed. AFAIK, all publications resources assigned to the project have been reallocated. I’m not even sure if someone will turn out the lights. Looking for news jobs are:

Tom Bialaski (LDAP)
David Deeths (JumpStart, disk management)
Don Devitt (PC integration, performance)
Mark Garner (datacenter practices, networking)
John Howard (JumpStart, disk management)
Deepak Kakadia (networking)
Ted Persky (databases)
Enrique Vargas (Sun Cluster, datacenter practices)”

I don’t normally get into personal opinion here (as this is a news site, not an opinion site) but wow, what a spectacular way to kill a project that your customers love, and shoot yourself in the foot at the same time!

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