Request your Solaris X86 Drivers!

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Jun 23, 2004

Sun Blogs have had an unforseen benifit, developers are now actively able to communicate in a casual manner with end users and non-Sun developers. One of the best examples yet is MRJ’s soliciting for Solaris/X86 driver requests! Just add a comment to the blog entry and tell him which driver has been keeping you from running Solaris/X86 and he’ll take it into consideration. This is beyond cool.

3 responses to “Request your Solaris X86 Drivers!”

  1. Mark Montgomery says:

    Is there anyone working on x86 drivers (both video and audio) for the Intel i865 chipset? We are trying to run Solaris x86 on Dell SX270s which use this chipset.

  2. Mr.R says:

    Is there any upgrades scheduled for the ata driver… I and thousands of other people have an unsupported PCI-IDE controller (hpt 370 chipset)… I am even contemplating writing my own driver… Any chance of open sourcing the ata.bef to really make sol x86 sexy…..????

  3. Carlton Teel says:

    Need help in understanding how to write a Solaris x86 driver that does:
    1) Allocate kernel memory for DMA
    2) Export this memory to the user

    We’ve also noticed that:
    The koff argument in the devmap_umem_setup appears to be ignored on x86 platforms.

    Does anyone have a example driver that meets these requirements that they are willing to share out?