Solaris 10 Article

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Jun 19, 2004

OSNews reported another article about Solaris10. I report it here only because it’s so chopped full of errors that it’s obvious the author only learned of Solaris10 minutes before writting the article. It’s only saving grace is that so far this is the only place I’ve seen Solaris10’s “Dynamic File System” actually refered to as the “Zettabyte File System” instead of just ZFS. Make sure your not drinking anything when you read it. [Update: After some discussion in Bryan Cantrill’s Blog by myself and Bryan, Chris (the author) has “fixed” the article. It is now correct. A big thanx to Chris for doing this.]

3 responses to “Solaris 10 Article”

  1. See Bryan Cantrill’s blog for insight into the differences between what they told the reporters that day and what the reporters wrote, including this article.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    benr needs to watch his spelling in grammar!

  3. benr says:

    Thanx Bob….. I’m aware. My wife was busy and couldn’t check me. 🙂

    If you want to see something even funnier, look at the comments in Bryan’s blog entry. Bryan, Chris (the author) and I have a little banter running. Sun Blogs RULE.