Solaris10 Beta 4

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Jun 9, 2004

Solaris10 Beta 4 (Build 58) is now avalible. The big debut in this release is the inclusion of the fabled Predictive Self-Healing which includes a new software componant called Fault Manager, which adds the tools fmadm, fmdump, and fmstat. Please note that according to the release notes self-healing applies to UltraSparc III and IV CPUs and memory systems.

Other additions include enhancements to the Solaris Patch Manager, pfiles tool, and psrinfo tool. There are new mechanisms in the Crypto Framework, changes to PAM, expanded printer support and CacheFS now works with NFSv4. Improvements have also been made to Kerberos and both the Sun Java System Message Queue and Application Server.

Read about all the new goodies in the Whats New and then grab the ISOs for Beta4 while you prep your ABE for LiveUpgrade.

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