Sun and Fujitsu merging server and CPU product lines

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 1, 2004

According to this Sun press release, Sun and Fujitsu are expanding their 20-year strategic relationship to include the joint development and delivery of future generation Solaris and SPARC-based systems.

Sun and Fujitsu will bring together their Solaris and SPARC-based server product lines by mid-2006, creating a datacenter systems family code named the Advanced Product Line (APL). APL will run Solaris, the Java Enterprise System, and virtually every major enterprise application. When complete, the APL will replace Sun’s and Fujitsu’s existing Sun Fire and PRIMEPOWER product lines.

During the transition period leading up to the launch of the APL, Sun and Fujitsu will work together to quickly implement arrangements to make each other’s current Sun Fire and PRIMEPOWER product lines available for distribution through both companies.

One response to “Sun and Fujitsu merging server and CPU product lines”

  1. ArmenianGuy says:

    I am about to buy a sun D13 server for our company DNS and mail host server sometime this week. Hope everything goes well with the merge of servers.