Solaris10 5/04 Released!

Posted by Ben Rockwood on May 11, 2004

It’s here! Solaris10 5/04 (aka: B55, aka: Beta 3) has been released. This release includes ehancements to the vacation utility (it’s smart now), USB end-user device support enhancements, and the Common Solaris Target Disk Driver which combines the 3 drivers sd (sparc), sd (x86), and ssd (fibre channel) into a single driver. There have also been revisions made to Dtrace (user-proccess tracing on x86), Kerberos (AES crypto), and the Solaris Linker and Libraries. The updates to the linker and libraries is a biggy which all developers need to immediately look into and report back to Sun; they have restructured and moved several libs from /usr/lib to /lib, they have added more flexablity in dependency tracking to crle (-A argument), and mostly notably have stopped providing system archive libraries which impacts the creation of static binaries. Read the “Whats New” for Beta3 on and get your hot and toasty ISOs here.

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