Solaris9 4/04 Unleashed

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Apr 1, 2004

Now avalible for download, Solaris9 4/04 has left the nest. Some of the new features include the addition of “metassist” in SVN for top-down volume creation (this has been in Solaris10 for awhile),
Internationalized Domain Name support API additions, the Standard Type Services Framework, and Sun Remote Services (SRS) Net Connect 3.1 has been added to the Solaris bundle. Also, on the JumpStart front the add_install_client is now avalible for x86 PXE boots, and an exciting update, already found in Solaris10, is 2 new JumpStart keywords “filesys” and “metadb” which allow for boot disk mirroring during a JumpStart without using post-install scripts! Get details on the new features and then download your 4/04 ISOs fresh from the oven.

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