Solaris10 Beta 1 Details

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Mar 23, 2004

The docs are up. Looks like Solaris Express program will now offer Solaris builds as beta releases from here out, and all naming is changing accordingly. Documentation can be found on now(the password is in a text file with the ISOs on the Sun download page). The new additions since 02/04 (Build 51 or 52 depending on where you look) include numberous documentation changes and updates, the addition of Samba 3.0, several JumpStart improvments that are long overdue, changes to makecontext(3C), and Layered Driver Interfaces (LDI) which provides new levels of device driver observability. Also, some additional System V IPC resource controls have been added as well. Check out the Solaris 10 Beta 1 What’s New document for details.

4 responses to “Solaris10 Beta 1 Details”

  1. Ishan says:

    What is the password ?

  2. benr says:

    You’ll need to find that for yourself. On the download page is a text file with the password in it.

    I’m not posting the password here because, a) it could change, and b) it defeats the point of having a password.

  3. bkelley says:

    The password in the textfile does not work.

  4. benr says:

    It worked for me. But it won’t work everywhere. The link in the TXT file is (at least was last night) wrong. Going to the link above and entering the password supplied by Sun (starts with an f) works fine for me.