Solaris10 03/04 Released

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Mar 22, 2004

Solaris10 3/04 has just been released. The “Whats New” document isn’t on the download page this month, and so far the doc hasn’t turned up on, but interestingly there is a text file on the download page that contains the password to the documentation on which is currently password protected. Something interesting with this release is that the ISOs are named “Beta1” instead of the typical internal build number, which means we’re getting close. Solaris10 is still rumored for an October 2004 release. Nab the ISOs in the usual place.

Elsewhere on the Solaris front, Solaris9 04/04 is in the pipe but not yet avalible. It should pop up any day now. No details yet as to what is new in that release beyond MUs.

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