Solaris Express 2/04 Released

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Feb 26, 2004

Sneaking in just before the end of the month Solaris10 Build 51 has been released. This month’s additions include the Solaris IP Filter, Solaris Zones Partitioning Technology, zonename audit token and policy options, the Single UNIX Spec Version 3, and some new Kerberos enhancements. The IP Filter comes directly from the Open Source IP Filter we all know and love, allowing for basic host based firewalling including packet filtering and NAT using CLI tools. The addition of Solaris Zones is very interesting however, providing some new options for workload isolation, resource management and security. Go grab the latest ISOs and make sure to give a copy to everyone who ever dared to mock Solaris.

3 responses to “Solaris Express 2/04 Released”

  1. On downloading I was keen to read the documentation on “System Administration Guide: Solaris Containers, Resource Management, and Zones” but found that it’s restricted. Anyone know the password?

  2. benr says:

    When I origonally posted this story I actually I added a link to the docs but edited the URL to it out for this very reason. I tried a couple easy passwords for it (“express”, “solaris”, “password”, etc) but can’t figure it out and don’t see a reference anywhere to getting the docs. That Zones doc looks interesting though…. I haven’t upgraded to Build 51 yet, so I don’t know if the docs are in a pkg thats installed.

    Btw, notice the fact that the ISOs are labeled B51, but there are numerous references to B52? Odd.

  3. benr says:

    A search using Google revealed: