The Practical Guide to FDDI

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 28, 2003

James Birdsall, author of the Sun Hardware Reference, has created The Practical Guide to FDDI.

One response to “The Practical Guide to FDDI”

  1. This is pretty interesting, as I personally invested in FDDI a few years ago for the exact reasons mentioned in the article. It started when I really wanted 100Mbit connectivity in my SGI, and a friend had literally found a GIO64 FDDI card “in the trash” at the school I was going to. I was also messing around with some RS/6000s at the time, so I figured I’d throw ’em into the ring too (I also happened to get some MCA FDDI cards for free).

    However, flash forward, right now I seem to be moving away from FDDI. Basically, most of the machines for which I’d actually have a use are falling into the “don’t want to get rid of, but aren’t using anymore” catagory. Also, I’ve had some really weird quirks with it, sometimes involving NFS, that poped up just often enough to piss me off. (whereas ethernet has been more robust)