UltraSPARC IIi Mobile Server Now Available

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 25, 2003

Nature Worldwide Technology Corp. (Naturetech) announces today the availability of a powerful Ultra SPARC IIi 650MHz based mobile server packed with storage, memory, and I/O options including Ultra SCSI. Solaris user professionals now have the ultimate mobile server and high end notebook workstation.
(submitted by Bob Labadini)

“Unix mobility is productivity.”

The 888P product family bring the power of Sun Microsystems’ latest
64-bit Ultra SPARC Iii 650MHz architecture, 64-bit Solaris operating
system, and an array of server like features to a portable PC style
notebook package without compromising performance and with an innovative
hardware Personal ID security capability.

According to Wenson Chang, President Engineering at Naturetech, “our
888P Ultra SPARC mobile sever and notebook is the first available
solution that combines all the capabilities found in a low-end server
combined in a PC notebook style package. This product is truly a break
through for Sun Solaris power users who need mobility with performance”.

Bob Labadini, President of NextCom, a Naturetech partner company, adds
“This product is truly an engineering marvel that combines the full
features that Solaris users demand including up to 4GB of SDRAM, Dual
Ethernet, Ultra SCSI, PCMCIA, a high resolution 1400×1050 display, USB
I/O including high density flash disks, and disk capacities up to 120GB
internally in an under 8lb rugged Magnesium Alloy package.”

Product availability is 2 weeks ARO.
For product information, please contact:
sales@naturetechws.com or visit us
at http://www.naturetechws.com

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