Interview with Dr. Marc Tremblay

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 24, 2003

We’ve just published our latest article, an interview with Sun
Distinguished Engineer Dr. Marc Tremblay. Dr. Tremblay was the
co-architect of Sun’s first 64-bit processor, the UltraSPARC-I and served
as chief architect for the UltraSPARC-II and the dual-core MAJC project.
He is currently working on a highly multithreaded processor expected to
deliver 30 times the throughput of the current 1.2 GHz UltraSPARC III.

He sits down with us to talk about the architectural details of on-chip
multithreading, on-chip multiprocessing, high-bandwidth memory interfaces,
and shares his insight on how CPU architects will target server workloads
in the future. Check out the link below for the interview:

Architecting the Future: Dr. Marc Tremblay

(submitted by Brian Neal of Ace’s Hardware)

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