2.4Ghz Xeon Linux / Windows Laptop

Posted by Bill Bradford on Mar 12, 2003

(note: I’m starting limited Linux and Solaris x86 hardware and software coverage, due to Sun’s
recent entry into the Linux-on-x86 market)

NextCom LLC announces today the availability of the ultimate server consolidation solution with its NextBook high performance Linux Notebook.
NextBook provides ultimate flexibility to Linux users by providing concurrent Microsoft Windows application access for office, email, and other functions. Based on the high performance Intel Xeon P4 2.4 GHz server processor coupled with a 400MHz Front Side Bus and DDRAM architecture, the company’s WinUxBook mobile operating environment is both a Linux server as well as a Linux and MS-Windows workstation in a 7lb portable package with a high resolution SXGA+ 15″ LCD display.
(submitted by Bob Labadini)

With a unique Solaris compatible external and portable SUNDisk flash disk/MP3 player option, users can seamlessly move files and data between Sun Microsystems Solaris, Linux 2.4 kernel based platforms, and our WinUxBook Linux-MS Windows platform without worrying about interoperability, networking or compatibility issues. Other standard features include Ethernet, CDRW/DVD, floppy, modem, PCMCIA Type II slot, IEEE-1394 (firewire), external SVGA port, audio output, USB ports, S-video, and 2D-3D graphics rasterization.

Bob Labadini, President of NextCom, explains “This product is truly a milestone for Linux users who need a high performance mobile platform, but also, for legacy reasons need a concurrent Microsoft Windows environment for office automation tasks, email, IE based web-browsing, and use of internal corporate client applications.”

Product availability is 2 weeks ARO; For product information, please contact sales@nextcomputing.com or visit us at http://www.NextComputing.com.

NextCom LLC is a Nashua, NH based Mobile Unix system and solutions provider including a full line of mobile UltraSPARC Solaris Notebooks and mobile servers; portable Unix peripherals, as well as open standards based Unix blade servers.

“Unix mobility is productivity.”

Interview contact:
Bob Labadini at blabadini@nextcomputing.com http://www.NextComputing.com
131 Burke Street
Nashua, NH 03060

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