Vendors, Resellers, and OEMs

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Last updated: April 2016.

These companies manufacture or sell the hardware that has helped bring you this site and mailing lists through the years.

Servers, Software, Peripherals, and Storage:
Acclinet (William Sweeney)
AnySystem (John Butler)
Meridian Leasing (Tom Haug)
Alta Technologies, Inc. (Mike Carter)
Data Instruments, Inc. (Fred Dikeman)

Power Protection and Conditioning:
Power Protection Partners (Bruce Hopkins)

Remote Access / Console Servers:
Logical Solutions (Mark Cosby)

Equipment Connectivity:
Lindy USA is a US supplier of cables, adapters, electronics, and accessories.

These companies or individuals have contributed by donating hardware, software, or other materials.

Andover Consulting Group (Michael Syiek)
Brass Valley (Brian Lovett)
up.time software (Availability Monitoring)
GigaRam (Rich Rogers)
Vibrant Technologies, Inc. (Corey Donovan, and their weblog)
MemoryX (Ken Olsen)
Axiom Memory (Austin Coulson)


These companies requested to be listed here.

Okanagan Technical Solutions provides Solaris support to the Okanagan region of British Columbia.
Greentec Systems is a reseller of refurbished, used and new computer and networking equipment.
Cyberguys is a leading reseller of computer cables, computer parts and accessories.
Timbercon is a provider of fiber optic cables and connectivity products to universities across America.
ShowMeCables has a large variety of network, serial, and other cables and related accessories
UnixPorting offers 24/7 Solaris Technical Support
NexStor (UK)
ZanTech Enterprise KVM Solutions
Nesbitt & Associates Consulting
Express Computer Systems
Rackmount Mart
Computer Connection of Central New York
Mosaic Technology Corporation
Sun Disks Supply Center
Trinicomp Systems
Computer Communications Ltd. (UK)
Xerxes Computer Corporation
NextCom Europe Ltd.
IntraServe Systems
Cables To Go
MCA Computer Corp
Computech Systems Corporation
Redapt Systems and Peripherals, Inc.
Riverside Technology Group
GE Capital Information Technology Solutions
Flagship Technologies
Mobius Partners L.L.C.
Abacus Solutions, LLC
SunRise Leasing
Continental Resources, Inc.
R2 Technology
Anything Sun
Spring Lake Computer Exchange
Recurrent Technologies, Inc.
Solar Systems
Ajava Systems, Inc
Third-Party Hardware Service
Atlantix Global Systems
Phoebus Solutions Limited
Sunrise Computer Services Ltd.
Hart Communications
Twin Cities Digital