UNIX Serial Port Resources – Serial Terminals, Emulators, and Communications Software

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Terminal Emulators and Communication Packages

Freeware / Shareware / Public-domain Packages | Commercial Packages

Freeware / Shareware / Public-domain Packages:

(look for x3270-* in the directory) is an 3270 terminal emulator for the X window system. From the X Consortium.

Kermit and C-Kermit
includes good inexpensive manuals and free software available from Columbia University’s Kermit Communications Software.

is Linux code which compiles and run on most Unix versions. The man page says: minicom is a communication program which somewhat
resembles the shareware program TELIX but is free with source code. Features include dialing directory with auto-redial, support for
UUCP-style lock files on serial devices, a separate script language interpreter, capture to file, multiple users with individual configurations,
and more.

is a distributed communication package for modems. On a network, each host with modems attached to it runs the modemd server to make one
or more of these modems available on that network. Understands PPP and personal phone books. The package hides the details of communicating
with the modem (like dialing, terminal settings etc.) from the clients. Text, Motif, Xt or Tcl/Tk interface. Runs on Linux,
Solaris 2.x, and HP-UX. Written by Merijn de Jonge.


lrzsz is a free x/y/zmodem implementation based on the last public domain release from Omen Technology. Maintained by Uwe Ohse.

Xmodem source is available via anonymous ftp from many places. Here are a few:

Zmodem (rzsz) Version 3.XX sources and documentation from Omen Technology, Inc. is copyrighted shareware.

Commercial Packages:

GTW420 Pro from B.A.T.L. Advanced Technology Inc. is a Windows application that emulates VT420, VT220, VT100, D200/11 and ANSI terminals. It supports Telnet, COM ports/Modem and FTP/Zmodem/Xmodem/Kermit file transfer. Special printer support enables text printing on graphic printers. Lots of other features. Free trial download.

IsoTerm from the Bristol Group, Ltd. is a VT-everything terminal emulator and runs on Sun, HP and IBM platforms.

Multiview 2000 from JSB provides Windows 95 and NT clients with terminal emulation, printer sharing and NFS client applications. They also have multi-window software for Unix character terminals.

Pericom Software makes teemworld, a terminal emulator for Java clients. teemX is their Motif/OpenLook terminal emulator with multi-session text and graphic emulation, file transfer, scripting and session recording. They also provide products for LAT, NFS, TCP/IP stacks and more.

SensorSoft Corporation SCOM is an inexpensive software tool for Unix administrators and programmers, allowing easy access to serial devices without writing C programs. It lets you control, test and monitor almost any serial device. Deployed directly from command line or through shell scripts, SCOM has been used with modems, terminals, plotters, automatic test equipment, device programmers, data acquisition units and X10 automation devices. It interfaces with their CU to programmatically control the power to a remote device via a serial port, and Soft Thermometer to monitor temperature. Soft Relay can remotely control equipment using UNIX or Windows.

Serialio.com provides communication and serial port tools, utilities, and peripherals for Unix and other operating systems. Provides Java based developer tools for XYZModem and serial ports that run on over 26 platforms.

SoftComm, made by Microlink Technologies, Inc. is a VT102 emulator and comm program which supports file transfer via {X,Y,Z}MODEM, Kermit and others. Downloadable demo.

TinyTERM, made by Century Software, Inc., is a set of terminal emulators that range from simple features to TCP/IP, NFS, file transfer, lpr/lpd, and a scripting language.

TunPlus from Esker is MS Windows software with "advanced terminal emulation" for PC-Unix connectivity. They have MS Windows TCP/IP suites, mail, SQL, and more.

Zephyr Corporation provides MS Windows VT100/VT220 terminal emulators for PC-Unix connectivity.


Axel, European manufacturer of TCP/IP Communication Servers, Graphics VNC Terminals, TCP/IP Text Terminals and Serial Terminals.

Video Terminal Information A wealth of information on "character cell terminals" from many vendors, keyboards, mice, standards, terminal emulation and more for programmers, users. Compiled by Richard Shuford.

Terminals is a good "Unix Serial Terminals 101" tutorial with a lot of SCO information, too. Written by Anthony Lawrence.