UNIX Serial Port Resources – FAX & UNIX

This content was originally created, collected, and maintained by Stokely Consulting.
It has moved to SunHELP as of May 2005, and all further updates are done by Bill Bradford.

Freeware/shareware Products

A freeware Unix product. It’s a collection of programs to send and receive faxes using a class 2 faxmodem. The mgetty page also has information about vgetty, an mgetty extension that turns your workstation into a voice-mail machine.

A freeware Unix faxing product which includes dial-in, fax-in and out, and pager communications, and handles the port configuration itself without the "split-device trick" and permits the use of dial-in/out on Sun serial expander cards. It works well, and has excellent installation notes.

Commercial Products

Faximum Client/Server from Faximum Software Inc.

Fax Sr. from Omtool. Java, Active X, network and internet faxing. Runs on Windows NT, Solaris, Digital Unix, HP-UX, OpenVMS.

IsoFax from the Bristol Group, Ltd.

Mercury Fax for Internet can easily convert among many different file formats. From Consultancy and Projects Group, Italy.

Replix FAX software from SoftLinx.

VersaFax from COS, Inc.

VSI FAX from Esker Software, Inc.

Pagers with Unix Connections

This information has moved. See Pagers with Unix Connections on this site.