Oracle announces new Sun x86 Systems

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 28, 2010

Oracle has announced some new x86 servers and other hardware.

* The X4800 is an 6RU 8-socket Xeon 7600 system with up to 1TB of RAM and 4 or 8 CPUs.
* The X4470 is a 3RU 4-socket Xeon 7500 system with up to 512GB of RAM and up to 4 CPUs.
* The X4270M2 is a 2RU 2-socket Xeon 5600 system with up to 144G of RAM and two CPUs.
* The X4170M2 is a 1RU 2-socket Xeon 5600 system with up to 144G of RAM and two CPUs.

Also announced were new blade CPU cards, network expansion modules, and the 1U Sun 72port 10G Ethernet switch.

Oracle to announce new Sun x86 Systems

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 26, 2010

According to this Heise Online article (in German), new machines using the Xeon 5600 and 7500 CPUs will be announced next week by John Fowler, Sun Vice-President of Systems.

Oracle kills OEM Solaris on HP Systems

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 19, 2010

According to this Register article, Oracle has cancelled HP’s OEM contact to distribute, sell, and support Solaris on HP Proliant x64 systems.

From HP’s notification:

As you may have heard, Oracle has exercised its right to terminate HP’s Solaris technical support agreement. If you have purchased Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Software Technical Support for HP ProLiant servers from HP, then you will continue to receive subscription support from Oracle and technical support from HP for the period of your contract. You will be able to purchase 1 and 3 year Solaris 10 Subscriptions and Support from HP until July1, 2010. No renewals will be accepted after this date. HP will deliver technical support through June 30, 2013. After that date, HP will no longer be in a position to provide Solaris technical support.
Additionally, starting with ProLiant G7 servers, HP will no longer certify and support Solaris on ProLiant. Solaris certified and supported ProLiant G6 servers will support up to Solaris 10 10/09 or Update 8 for the standard hardware support period (5 years from the date of shipment).

Oracle’s OEM agreement for Solaris on Dell hardware remains in effect.

Oracle Updates Solaris Roadmap

Posted by Bill Bradford on Jun 12, 2010

Oracle has released an updated Solaris Roadmap with details on the future of Solaris and OpenSolaris.

Some excerpts:

  • Oracle will continue to make OpenSolaris available as open source and Oracle will continue to actively support and participate in the OpenSolaris community
  • Oracle is investing more in Solaris than Sun did prior to the acquisition, and will continue to contribute innovative technologies to OpenSolaris, as Oracle already does for many other open source projects
  • Solaris 10 Next update CY2010 (“Update 9”)
  • OpenSolaris Next update 1st half CY2010
  • Bordeaux for OpenSolaris: for running MS programs without full Windows OS
  • Fluendo DVD Player for OpenSolaris