Tim Bray on “What Sun Should Do”

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 25, 2008

Tim Bray has a good personal opinion piece on What Sun Should Do to improve its standing in the market.

Sun offers secure data deletion services

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 25, 2008

Sun has announced its new offering of Sun Data Protection Services, “a new on-site service to help enable customers to remain compliant with internal corporate data erasure policies during the removal, redeployment or relocation of equipment containing sensitive data.”

In short, they’ll securely erase your hard disks and charge you for it.

Wikimedia to use Sun servers and storage

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 21, 2008

Sun has announced that the WikiMedia Foundation will be using SunFire x4150 and x4500 servers along with StorageTek storage arrays to expand its infrastructure.

Update: Jonathan Schwartz has some thoughts on this announcement.

Sun Reorganizes

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 14, 2008

According to this press release, Sun is reorganizing due to the economy.

First, between 5,000 and 6,000 employees will be laid off. Second, three new business groups are being created – Application Platform Software, Systems Platforms, and Cloud Computing & Development Platforms.

Sun releases Unified Storage Appliances

Posted by Bill Bradford on Nov 10, 2008

Sun has relesed the Sun Storage 7000 series of unified storage systems. The systems use a “hybrid storage pool” consisting of solid state disks, hard disk drives, and RAM to improve performance over traditional HDD-only units.

The Sun Storage 7110 has 8GB of RAM and provides 2TB of storage in a 2U form factor.

The Sun Storage 7210 provides up to 44TB of storage in a 4U form factor.

The Sun Storage 7410 scales up to 576TB with multiple expansion arrays.

In addition, Sun has released a simulator for the units as a VMWare virtual machine image.