Speeding up Mozilla Firefox

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 25, 2004

I’ve put up some tips on speeding up and optimizing the performance of the Firefox web browser. Hopefully more people switched to it over the holiday season.

Scott McNealy’s Christmas Dream

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 23, 2004

The Register gave Sun’s CEO Scott McNealy some space to talk about his Christmas Dream.

SDN Chat: Jini Technology for Dynamic Networking

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 22, 2004

The next Sun Developer Network Chat will cover Jini technology for Dynamic Networking, on January 11th at 11am PST/19:00 UTC.

Jini network technology is an open architecture that allows you to build a dynamic, flexible network of services. Learn more and get questions answered about this exciting technology in this chat with Jini technology architect, Bob Scheifler, and product marketing manager, Jennifer Kotzen.

Some Sun.com Product Pages get a facelift

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Dec 21, 2004

In an “about time!” bit of news, four new Sun.com product pages have been brought into the 21st century including the SunFire V20z Server, SunFire V40z Server, Sun Java Workstation W1100z and Sun Java Workstation W2100z. The workstations might look stupid but the pages don’t. Hopefully this type of detail will be avalible for Sun’s storage line soon too. Defintely a step in the right direction.

Sunray server software 3 released

Posted by Bill Bradford on Dec 2, 2004

Sun has released its SunRay server software version 3, for both Solaris/SPARC and Linux/x86. The download is available at no charge, although purchase of a license may be required for a production environment.

Solaris Express 11/04 Released

Posted by Ben Rockwood on Dec 1, 2004

Solaris10 Build 72 has been released! The major changes in this release include the addition of AMD64 support, Webmin, Apache2, and IPMI (Lights out management tool for X86). There are of course also Dtrace improvements, new drivers, and IPC improvements. See the list of features in the “Whats New” doc. This is likely to be the last Express release before Solaris10 ships in late January.